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Testing Java Spring Boot Microservices

Tests are an essential part of our codebase. At the very least, they minimize the risk of regression when we modify our code. There are several types of tests and each has a specific role: unit tests, integration tests, component tests, contract tests and end-to-end tests. It is crucial to understand the role of each type of test in order to leverage their potential.

The goal of this article is to describe a strategy to use them in order to test Java Spring Boot microservices. For every type of test, we will try to explain its role, its scope as well as tooling we like to use.

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How to Write Robust Component Tests

Component tests allow to test complete use cases from end to end. They are often expensive especially in terms of setup and execution time. Thus, thought needs to be given to define their scope. Nevertheless, they are required in order to check and document the overall behaviour of the application or the microservice.

I have noticed that, in the context of microservices, these tests are very cost-effective. Indeed, they can be quite easy to set up because the already existing external API of the microservice can often be used directly without needing additional elements (like a fake server for instance). Moreover, the scope of a microservice is generally limited and can be tested exhaustively in isolation.

The goal of this article is to show how to make these tests robust. The main idea is to make them independent of the implementation.

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Setup a Circuit Breaker with Hystrix, Feign Client and Spring Boot

In a microservices architecture, several things can go wrong. A middleware, the network or the service you want to contact can be down. In this world of uncertainty, you have to anticipate problems in order not to break the entire chain and throw an error to the end user when you could offer a partially degraded service instead.

The goal of this article is to show how to implement the circuit breaker pattern using Hystrix, Feign Client and Spring Boot.

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